National Service Scheme

National Service Scheme [NSS] aims at the importance of democratic living and self-less service. The motto of NSS is “Not Me But You”. The symbol of NSS is based on the Giant Rath (Chariot) of World famous Konark Sun Temple at Orissa. There are eight bars in the wheel representing 24 hours of the day, where the NSS volunteers should be lively, active, energetic and full of spirit.

Our College has one unit affiliated Kuvempu University which enables the Students to develop leadership qualities and idea of self service in all walks of Life.

The main objectives of NSS are:

  • To understand community in which we work.
  • To understand ourselves in relation to the community.
  • To understand the needs and problems of the community.
  • To develop social and civic responsibility.
  • To find practical solutions to individual and community problems.
  • To develop group living and sharing of responsibilities.
  • To acquire leadership qualities and democratic values.
  • To develop the ability to meet emergencies and national disasters.
  • To practise the sense of national integration and social harmony

 Nss Programme Overview:

  1. Planting saplings and contributing to bio-diversity and ecological balance by holding regular VANA MAHOTSAVA
  2. Cleaning college premises as per Clean India mission
  3. Conducting Blood Donation camp so that precious lives could be saved
  4. Conducting Health Check camps for the college fraternity
  5. Holding voting awareness campaign through JATHAS
  6. Conducting special lectures to create health awareness.
  7. Conducting annual camp in villages as mark of cultural exchange initiative.
  8. Holding economic and social surveys to map and focus on human development
  9. Arranging special lectures in annual camps on farming, legal awareness, folklore, personality development and creating awareness on these issues.
  10. Cleaning and protecting premises of ancient and heritage temples and sites.
  11. Cleaning drains and public properties and creating awareness for constructing roads, drains and rain water harvesting during annual camps
  12. Cleaning premises of primary health centers, schools, panchayth office and Anganavadies

NSS Officers:

  1. Bhat Mukshaprana Shantharam
  2. Ganesh Bhat H L