1)  Sir. C. V. Raman Scholarship – For Science Students(Boys& Girls)- State Govt Grant

2)  Sanchi Honnamma Scholarship- For Ladies Students of all Degree Courses- State Govt Grant.

3) Sitaram Jindal trust Scholarship- For Merrit Students of all degree Coureses (Above 80% Scored Students)

4)  Fee Concession For OBC Students of Below 1 Lakh Annual Income.     ( 2.5 Lakh For Catagary-1 Students).- State Govt Grant.

5)  SC/ST Scholarship For all degree Students of Annual Income below

     2.5Lakh.-State Govt Grant.

6)Minority Scholarship-    For Minority Students(Muslim,Cristian,Jain, Shikh, Boudda and Parsian, ) of all degree Courses.-State Govt ( Minority Dept)

7) physical Handycappad(  P. H ) Scholarship – For Handycappad Students.

8) Karnataka Science & Technology Dept Scholarship- For Science Students.